Registration Guide

  • Registration information

    Each presenting must pay nonrefundable registration fee. Only registered and paid papers will be scheduled in the conference program and proceedings. Registration is valid only when the payment is received and processed. Please send all registration files to before the deadline.

  • Registration fee

    Categaries Registration Fee
    Regular Author 550USD
    Student Author 450USD
    Samara University Author 400USD
    Committee Member Author 500USD
    Presenter Only 350USD
    Listener 300USD
    Additional Page 70USD\400RMB
    Extra paper 360USD\2200RMB
  • Registration files

    For Author: 1,Template; 2, ATCES 2017 reg form :

  • For Presenter & Listener: ATCES 2017 reg form;

  • Registration Notice

    *Registration of paper must be done by one of author(s) of paper. Presentation of paper must be done by one of author(s) of the paper.

    *One author can only publish 2 papers. One regular paper has 6 pages. If the paper exceeds 6 pages, extra pages should be paid at 70 USD/ page

    *The papers will be published on line.

    *Students have to provide a valid certificate from their departments